Welcome to Mill Iron R !

HI, we are a small hobby Kennel located in Western Nebraska. Angus is our choice of cattle and our brand is Mill Iron R which is also how our Kennel name came to be.

We started out with the herding lines, our first Aussie was the just best, she performed her job with ease and lived to work cattle. I even took her to a conformation show; no this is not where she wanted to be. Still interested in conformation I bought my first “show “dog and what a joy he was, he soared thru all his championships!

Then I was bitten, not necessarily with showing, more about breeding and what makes a great dog. So I studied bloodlines ,pedigree’s, went to shows for years and have taken several college courses on Canine Biology and Genetics. This knowledge has help me in so many ways ,in learning more about genetics, breeding strategies , COI  coefficient of In breeding,as a breeder you are constantly shuffling genes by mixing and matching several dogs with one goal in mind. Producing that perfect combination and creating that perfect dog that is an exemplary of the breed in type, health and character.

Improve the breed? NO…..as soon as the stud books closed, no one can improve the breed. As breeders all we can do is Shuffle the genes we have to work with. Here at Mill Iron R we wish to PRESERVE the breed. We wish to preserve what all the great breeders before us worked so hard to produce. The great breeders that sacrificed all their time, all their energy and all their money, to produce this beloved breed. Which we will be forever grateful for!  We believe in saving those “older” lines that made this breed so popular.


Structure and health is very important to us, we want to breed a dog that will be biddable , easy to live with, and be with you for many years!


 All of our breeding dogs have had a full Australian Shepherd genetic panel, OFA's , eyes , and various other tests done before any breedings.



We have been owned by this breed since 1990 and feel very blessed to share our lives with them.


We hope to continue to always improve and grow on our foundation.


Thank you for visiting and come back soon!