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I bought a Pup, named "Remington", from Ginger Ray at "Mill Iron R" Australian Shepherds in Fall of this year. "Rem", as we call him, is just about the best Aussie I have ever owned, and I have owned 3 before him, all passing of old age. I had just lost my last Aussie when I contacted Ginger Ray, to inquire about "Rem". He is simply a wonderful dog, and her breeding program reflects genuine concerns about temperament, intelligence, and beauty. Not only, at only 6 months old, is he the smartest Aussie I have ever owned, he is obedient, and loving. He has learned in just a few months so many words and commands, that I am astounded. He knows "toy", "sit", "come", and all the bathroom cues outside as he came to me totally house trained. He is the cutest perfect black Tri, with a full white neck collar and copper points on his eybrows, muzzle, and legs, as well as a perfect white wide stripe down his muzzle, which gives him the perfect Aussie "mask". Ginger Ray, did everything she said she would do, and shipped him to me very efficiently via United "Safe Pet" shipping. I would have to say, I would not hesitate to buy another Aussie from her, in a second, but will wait until Rem is a little more grown up, so I can give him my full attention. Two thumbs up for this fine Kennel. Dan F

            We purchased “Tango” from Ginger Ray of Mill Iron R Australian Shephard   July 18 2016. Prior to Tango’s arrival Ginger had let me know about a socialization program she uses called Puppy Culture. It is centered on the importance of the first 12 weeks of a pup’s life and how all interactions during this time can help shape a pup into a well adjusted confident healthy pup. Although Ginger didn’t make it a prerequisite for me to purchase the video series, I did as I wanted to follow along with what Tango would be learning and how and continue with the training once we got home. Tango is our 4th dog and 2nd Australian Shepherd and I have to say I have noticed a huge difference in him than our other pups due to the techniques Ginger used and we have now learned. Tango is a very confident dog. His startle recovery response is much better than any of our other dogs. He isn’t afraid of other dogs or people and if he is uncertain it doesn’t take him long to evaluate them and warm up to them. He was exposed to a variety of noises including fireworks sounds, thunder, household sounds and has no fear reaction to them at all. Thunder is a huge one for us as our previous Aussie was truly terrified of it. Tango adjusts so well to new surroundings, travels, and experiences as a result of the variety of situations during his critical stages while with Ginger such as puppy parties with trained people. We continue to follow the Puppy Culture training and find Tango much easier to train than previous dogs as clicker training and the basics were instilled into him at such a young age. He is very quick to learn with a clicker and manding is a part of his life when he wants something. So many things are so much easier using the skills Ginger exposed us to with Puppy Culture: grooming, vet visits, nail trimming, learning to walk on leash, learning to swim the list goes on. I would never consider getting another pup unless a socialization program like Puppy Culture was used from day one. I am grateful that Ginger uses this program and exposed it to us!

Sincerely, Carolyn Fawcett

Hi Ginger,
My name is Greg Lyon. I'm a dog trainer in Lawrence, KS. My company is Mutts and Manners Dog Training. I have been working with Marla Hoehn in Lenexa, and her Aussie pup, Fonzie. I wanted to reach out to you to commend you on your breeding program. I really love working with Aussies, and Fonzie is by far the most stable, mellow and just generally Awesome dog that I have personally worked with in the last several years! Other than my own personal dog, of course, LOL!
Just felt that I had to send you a note, and say Thanks for what you do!

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